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Pastor Boyce
True Praise Christian Worship Center, Inc., (formerly True Praise Church of God, Inc.), was founded in April 1986 by Reverend Reginald Boyce, Sr. It was later incorporated on May 23, 1986 in the state of New York, under the laws and codes so legislated for all Religious Organizations in this state.

True Praise Christian Worship Center held its first worship service in the home of Mother Gloria Boyce. It was there that the foundation of the ministry would be birthed. In 1989, Reverend Boyce found a small building surrounded by vacant land. It was there that he purposed in his heart to house the ministry. The small building would temporarily house the church while the vacant land would be cultivated and prepared for construction. The construction on this land will be for the building of a Learning Center for Spiritual and Human Development as well as a new Church edifice. The Learning Center, by day, would be a center for social and economic referrals as well as a place for Senior Citizens to come for daily activities. In the afternoon, the Learning Center would be a place for children to come and obtain assistance with homework and teen based programs. In the evening, the Community Bible Institute & Seminary would continue serving the public with Christian education classes. The Community Bible Institute & Seminary is a fully credited learning institute affiliated with Christian Lighthouse College. Since the initial purchase of land, the ministry has secured additional land bringing the total developable land mass to over one New York City block in length. Additionally, in 2005, the ministry was blessed to pay off its 2 mortgages 17 ½ years early.

Realizing that the community needed outreach programs, Bishop Boyce instituted and founded many programs to aid the community youth as well as the elderly. Some of these programs include: Females Returning Empowered, Educated, Healed and Eternally Revived (F.R.E.E. H.E.R.); and the St. Albans Senior Citizens Hospital, providing bi-monthly Protestant Services as well as weekly visits to its residents. In addition, True Praise Christian Worship Center is the headquarters of the United Fellowship Churches, Inc., to which Bishop Boyce serves as Presiding Prelate.

In January 2007, Bishop Reginald Boyce, Sr., installed and consecrated Elder Reginald Boyce, Jr., to the office of Pastor of the ministry. It is the ministries continuing endeavor to bring revival, restoration and a sense of renewed joy and happiness to all of the Jamaica Queens residents as well as those within the surrounding metropolitan areas.

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